Saturday 30th December 2023 SUPPER tasting Dinners

Date : Saturday 30th December 2023
Time : Arrival is 7.15pm for 7.30pm start
Location : Seasonality Restaurant

Our December Supper menus celebrate the very best of the season with a touch of luxury that nods to the festivities. Our favourite Black Iberiko Tomatoes are back and Caviar features on our Aged Beef Dish alongside a rich, sweet and spicy moilee sauce with, what we think as, the king of the sea.



Bread & Ampersand Cultured Butter

Taste of Seasonality

Black Iberiko Tomato, Fermented Consommé

Monkfish "Moilee" Cavolo Nero & Ginger

Aged Beef, Bone Marrow, Turnip & Caviar

Poire Williams Baba, Bergamot Cream